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by Maria Tom - Monday, February 8, 2016, 2:46 AM
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There are lots of important components in human body which makes up the entire functional support for the body. The human body cannot function properly without anyone being missing from the body. Out of all the essential components peptides also have considerate importance and they make up quite important ingredients for body.

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If you do not have any experience in the study of human body then you know, peptides are essential for human body as they work as the basic ingredient for the formation of proteins which is the basic building block of human body. You can also visit peptide forums for more information about peptides and other essentials.

Peptides – An Introduction:

Peptides are the biological compounds which are made by the short and long chains of amino acids. Usually two or more amino acids and bonded together in a chain. The carboxyl group of one acid combines with the amino group of the other forming long chains known as peptides.

Dipeptides and tripeptides are also commonly found. Usually the chain of 50 or less amino acids make up the peptides. The chain containing more than 50 amino acids are formed what is known as the proteins. Thus peptides became an essential component of proteins.

Importance of Peptides in Human Body:

Ok so you know what are peptides and you know that they are the basic structures that make up the proteins, what else? What is the importance of peptides in human body and what are the functions they perform?

Peptides are important for making up the hormones which are used for carrying signals between cells and glands. They are the ones that regulate the functions of human body such as regulation of sleep, controlling sugar levels in blood, etc. You probably have known about HGH and insulin which are popular peptide hormones.

Neuropeptides are also important and are present in neural tissues in brain. They act as signals and regulators which are triggered from brain. Peptides are also present in alkaloids which are used for the defense mechanism development process in plants and small animals.

Antibiotics are quite famous application of peptides. Peptides retard the growth of microorganisms in human body that is why they are used in the antibiotics to kill disease-causing bacteria.

And as with the proteins, they are the part of human hair and nails, collagen, a protein which is present in tendons and ligaments along with bones and tooth enamel as well.

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