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by Maria Tom - Friday, January 22, 2016, 8:39 AM
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There are always a huge number of new health fads that come in and out of popularity every single day, and there will always be ones that just simply do not work. It’s hard to see the wood from the trees sometimes, and the things that you are convinced will definitely work will be the ones that will give you acne or turn your stomach completely! That’s why when we heard of these detox patches, we were immediately suspicious. How could something just so small and seemingly so unimpressive actually make any sort of positive change to your lives?


Well, from the first use, you can see that they are very small – there’s not a huge amount of them, and yet the benefits are just so many. They are very efficient when they take the toxins and the bad chemicals out of your body, and everyone will experience the benefits in a slightly different way. One of the most obvious changes that almost everyone will feel are involved with your skin, nails, and hair – all of them will start to feel and look so much more healthier. Your skin will have fewer breakouts, your skin will be smoother with fewer split ends, and your nails won’t crack as easily.

Other people will find that they will lose weight because the toxins were preventing them from shedding it, and others will find that their joint pain will diminish and almost completely disappear because the swelling caused by the toxins will go down. Many people find that they just become less stressed when they use detox foot pads because it can remove all the impurities from your body, all of those impurities that your body couldn’t get rid of by itself.