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In-line JS/YUI3 Based Questions

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In-line JS/YUI3 Based Questions
by Carl LeBlond - Friday, September 26, 2014, 3:58 PM

I wanted to easily create interactive JS questions in-line with my content in my Moodle courses.  If this interests you then check out the TinyMCE plugin eocontentquestion (Download link).  With this plug-in you easily add questions in-line with your text and other content, making your courses even more interactive and compelling.  The plugin inserts the necessary JS/YUI  and containers with answers/feedback.  Question types include Reveal, Short Answer, Multiple Choice and Multiple Select type questions.  You can even add other media (spreadsheets, images, videos, spectra and 2D/3D structures) as feedback or as answers.  Checkout the screen shots and demos below.

Adding and Interactive Question

  • Click the "Insert Simple Question" icon on the top row of the editor 
  • Choose a question type from the pop-up window by selecting one of the question type tabs.

Reveal Question

With the Reveal question you ask a question and the student can reveal the answer after considering its solution.  You can edit the Question Text and Feedback after inserting into your page content adding images, interactive structures and/or spectra too!.

Example Reveal Question

Practice Problem

Draw and name the isomers with formula C4H10?

There are two isomers  

Short Answer Question

With the Short Answer question the student must provide short answer (one or two words).  If desired, the solution can be checked for accuracy.  Note that the accuracy check is a simple string comparison.  It must be an exact match!  You can edit the Question Text, Answer and Feedback after inserting into your page content.

Example Short Answer Question

Practice Problem

This term is used to describe the delocalization of electron?


Resonance is particularly useful for describing the reactivity of carbonyl, alyllic, benzylic and other similar systems.

Multiple Choice and Multiple Select Question

The multiple choice and Select questions can have up to 5 options (i.e. possible answer).  Leaving fields blank will result in those fields not being displayed.  With multiple choice you must select one valid answer, while the Multiple Select can have more than one answer.  Be sure to select the correct answer(s) before clicking the insert button.

Example Multiple Choice

Practice Problem

Which strain would you expect to be the greatest for cyclopropane?

  1. Ring (angle)
  2. Steric
  3. Torsional

The C-C-C bond angles in cyclopropane are forced to be 60o. Since they are sp3 they prefer to be 109.5o.

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