Drawing Atoms

In this example, you will create a neutral bromine atom using the chemistry editor below.

  • Click on the methane tool located on the left side and then click on the drawing canvas.
    A Carbon atom with 4 hydrogens is displayed.  This editor is smart it knows about valence rules.  In organic chemistry, a carbon atom would normally have 4 bonds to it when it is neutral.  The editor knows this and so adds 4 H's.
  • Now click on the tool on the left and then click on the methane you just created.  Select the Br atom from the dropdown or type Br.  Notice there is an H on the Br atom.  A neutral bromine atom should have one bond to it so the editor adds an H.
  • Recall from general chemistry that a neutral bromine atom would have 7 electrons and one would be unpaired.  You must indicate that the Br atom has an unpaired radical electron.  Click on the Charge Tool   on the left and then select the Radical Tool  .  Finally, click on the Br to add the radical electron.