3D Structures in Content

Organic chemistry is a 3 dimensional (3D) science, so we will utilize many 3D structures.  This structure below is a 3D model of Buckminsterfullerene.  It is one of a class of compounds called fullerenes.  The C60 means it has 60 carbon atoms.  This was discovered when I was in high school and is still under study and is being considered for various applications as catalysts and drug delivery systems.  It also looks really cool and is fun to rotate.  3D structures on Learn are interactive.

  • Click on the structure and drag to rotate it.
  • Right-click on the structure to open the advanced menu.  Some of the options will not work since it depends on the type of structure that's loaded.
  • Select Style -> Scheme -> CPK Spacefill.  This shows an estimate of the size of the molecule and atoms.


C60 Fullerene (Buckminsterfullerene)