3D Structure Questions - Cyclic Molecules

Carbon likes to form straight chains, but sometimes it also forms cyclic structures.  In this example, you will create a cyclic molecule and learn to create bonds between atoms in the 3D editor.  Let's create cyclobutane.  Remember that butane is 4 carbons in a chain, well cyclobutane is 4 carbons in a ring.

You could simply select the cyclobutane button under the ring structure menu, but that would be cheating.  Let's learn to create bonds...you'll need it later.

  • Begin by constructing a butane molecule.  
  • Now connect the end carbons - click on a carbon atom at one end of your butane and then drag to the other end carbon and release.
  • Use the motorcycle icon to optimize (clean) up your structure.
  • If you make a mistake use the Undo button.