Benzenes MO's

Below are the molecular orbitals for benzene.  Think about the 4n+2 rule!  Do you see that it starts with a single MO Ψ1 which has an occupanny of two electrons, and then the degenerate MO's, Ψ2 and Ψ3 , which each have two electrons.  Therefore a total of 6 electrons (n=1).  This is stable siince all bonding MO's are full and the antibonding orbitals have no electrons.
Ψ6- Antibonding 6 nodes
Ψ4- Antibonding 4 nodes
Ψ5- Antibonding
4 nodes
Ψ2-Bonding 2 nodes
Ψ3-Bonding 2 nodes
Ψ1-Bonding 0 nodes