OpenOChem Overview

Three kinds of activities on OpenOChem: Quizzes, Adaptive Quizzes and SlideDecks

  • Quiz
    • Groups of questions used primarily as an assessment.
    • Highly configurable with options for controlling the student attempts, timing, grading etc.
    • Creating a Quiz
  • Adaptive Quiz
    • Student response/correctness determines their next question.
    • Easily create branching, loops and other adaptive questioning with flowchart like interface for building question flow.
    • Easily create quizzes that adapt to individual students abilities!
  • SlideDecks
    • HTML based presentations with OpenOChem questions, 3D/2D structures and more.
    • Like a PowerPoint presentation but with interactive questions!
    • Students self-check their understanding by answering questions and getting feedback as they move through your content!
    • Creating a SlideDeck