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Designed for Organic Chemistry!

OpenOChem is a collaborative homework/quizzing system that plugs in to your existing LMS. Unlike other "do all" homework systems, OpenOChem was designed from the ground up for creating, sharing, and administering Organic Chemistry assessments.

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Why OpenOChem?

create and share powerful assessments quickly and easily

We believe the best recipe to make something great, is to bake with quality ingredients and add dollops of cool stuff.

Collaborative Environment

Collaborative environment for creating & sharing questions!

Interactive Questions Types

2D, 3D, Mechanisms & Newman Projects as well as conventional question types!

Activity types!

Synchronous activities, adaptive activities so you see in real time what your students are thinking!

Synchronous Real-time Activities!

Synchronous activities - see what your students are thinking!

Question Bank

with over 2000 shared questions and growing!

You own your Questions

Your questions are licensed to you as Creative Commons

Awesome Features!

Designed for Organic Chemistry


Free Navigation or sequential with specific and/or general feedback

Adaptive Quizzing

Easily build quizzes that adapt to students

Flexible OChem Taxonomies

Classify, search and create random questions based on taxonomies

2D Structural Questions

Students draw simple to compex stuctures - stereochemistry aware

3D Structures and Conformers

Students build up simple to complex structures or conformers

Reaction Mechanisms Questions

Test your students mechanism

Newman Projections

Students build Newman projections with drag and drop interface

Easy media creation!

Tools to create and draw chemical structures, reactions and mechanisms in question text.

Formula Questions

Who says there's no math in OCHem.

Conventional Questions

Yes you can do boring Multichoice, Multianswer, T/F and Essay

Institutions Using OpenOChem

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Your Content Unchained!

No longer are you held captive by your LMS. OpenOChem empowers you to create rich chemistry questions and activities with feedback!

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